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Integrity Awareness Circle

Sadly, just like the rest of our society, also our Kundalini yoga community has been confronted with facts of transgressive behaviour. As “Ambassadors for integrity in yoga” we come together and aim for a better future. We want to keep integrity alive and commit to contribute to build for our yoga community a positive and constructive path towards integrity.

One of our tools is a guided intervision group from which we are glad to offer a taste at the yoga festival. 


What gets us there? What stops us from it? 


Because we believe that together, in group, we can learn from each other.

Because there are no ready-made rules to pick up, but only experiences and wisdom to share. 

Therefore we will create a  space to reflect upon  the “sacred space” itself. This “sacred space” that everyone has within. 

It is exactly from this space that as teachers we want to guide our students and teach with integrity.


We sit down in circle, tune in and start with an “awareness” exercise. This exercise is done individually and in group and followed by a sharing round. 

Each one chooses if and what to share within the group . 

One concrete question is picked from that round and together we explore it further in detail. This is a way to learn from each other before closing up with a guided meditation on sacred space. 


By: The Integrity Team Annelies Hari Avtar, Veronique Derrouazi, Saren Gian Atma, Nele Kussé Ajeet Shanti Kaur, Els Ravinder Coenen, Charlotte Wauters

Language: Dutch/ English  with the possibility for a parallel workshop in French

I'am a KRI certified KY teacher Level I en Level II, and I'am very grateful to give already for some years Kundalini Yoga classes every week.  I like to teach at the festival to contribute to the Sanghat. 

I feel this is a good moment for me to come out my comfort zone and to share my love for yoga and the Kundalini Yoga teachings.

Description of the workshop:

During this workshop you're invited to deepen and to express your inner wisdom with yoga, meditation and creativity.

Yoga and Soulcollage(r) are both pathways to the Self and are both facilitating your unique dialogue with the soul.

SoulCollage(r) is a creative process for self-exploration and to awaken your inner wisdom by making collaged images. 

(scissors, images, cards and glue are provided-you don't have to be an artist to participate).

By: Kevalnam Kaur (Kristina)

Language: Dutch/English

In this workshop Nirmal Karam will guide you in your first steps in gong playing. One of the essential steps in learning the Gong is finding our own point of resonance in our body, our fundamental note. Through specific exercises and breath work we will find that point to then transition to giving your first steps in Gong playing.

Nirmal Karam will introduce basic playing and centering techniques and you will have the opportunity to play and experience the sound and benefits of different types and sizes of gong (planetary, chao, symphonic ranging from 24 to 40 inches in diameter). There will be emphasis in understanding and experiencing the sound current and the phenomenon of Holistic Resonance.

There will be 11 Gongs available and the maximum amount of people in the workshop will be 22

About Nirmal Karam

Nirmal Karam is a  Kundalini yoga teacher and Gongmaster, having undertaken extensive training on Gong and Sound Healing and MEM Gong Yoga with Don Conreaux.

He has also trained with Aidan McIntyre, Gongmuse Mojca Malek, Mark Swan, Methab Benton, Kay Karl and Bob Horwell and has had the opportunity to learn Kirtan leadership with Nikki Slade.


By: Nirmal Karam Singh

Language: English


Liselotte teaches from the heart and loves to touch your heart, there is always a wink to Astrology, and a wink to your third eye.

Her workshop is occasion to connect, connect with your body, mind and spirit. 

Listening to what your body is telling you, observing the waves of the mind and working on balance in between, so spirit can move through.
Feeling what is living in your heart, working on a foundation of trust the whispers of the heart, and letting them flow over, from the heart, to the body, to the mind. So you can create your own world from the sparkles in your heart and receive what your heart is longing for.


By: Liselotte Dereeper

Language: EN/ NL

This Sound healing session is a journey to the world within us. Our body is full of stress blockages pain, so healing vibrations in our body is dissolving all this destructions. And natural state of mind get back to normal in harmony. Raise your vibration with Sound.

During the session African Drums and African dance will take us  to a grounding journey with Mother Earth. Tibetan and Crystal Bowls sound will guide us connect to our soul body and mind. You will feel rejuvenated.

By: Dihapeng

Language: English

Purpose: A workshop for beginners and people who find meditation challenging or those who just want to spend 90 minutes in bliss!

Participants will learn why the mind is our greatest friend AND our greatest enemy and why meditation is fundamental to a happy, healthy, holy existence. We will be guided on how to practice several different types of meditation including, breath, naad (sound), mantra, celestial communications and chakra meditation.


We will learn how to start a meditation practice and participants will be able to choose from the techniques to go home and begin their own practice.


The session will end with a healing gong meditation which will allow the participants to experience a renewed dimension of Self.

By Nav Jiwan Kaur / Fiona Crosssley

Language: English

In this workshop we will move from 3 C’s to 11 C’s (and more!!)

It is time that women no longer look at each other from a place of jealousy or low self-esteem but from inner wisdom and cooperation.

We will let the lotus grow from the mud into the light. Let’s connect into sisterhood trough KY teachings, basic warm-ups, meditations & mantra.

Welcome in the circle.

By: Hari Avtar Kaur (Annelies) & Mantra Amrita Kaur (Lotte)

Language: Nederlands/ Engels

As a therapist i work a lot with people who suffer from CVS, trauma, chronic pain, burn-out,….

I experience daily the beauty of working with kundalini yoga as a way to transform. I also experience the beauty of wholebody focusing. Wholebody focusing helps to listen deeply to the own needs of the body.

Needs that are often under the surface for a lot of my clients. They often stop doing yoga and want to move their bodies on the other hand.

It made me more conscious as a kundalini teacher to shift the attention of pushing people trough something to invite people to listen to a deeper voice than the ego that allready knows how fast, how much and even wich pose uplifts/ transform in that given time.

I want to give you as kundalini yoga teachers an experience of listen deeply and act from that inner voice we all have. For you, for your students who maybe also suffer from that lack of connection with that inner knowing.

So many ways to heaven 😊

By: Gian Atma Kaur

Language: Nederlands/ English


“I am a Soul (1), incarnated in time (2) and space (3), with a chance to become conscious (4).” 1+2+3+4 = 10 – Radiant 10-in-1 being – Ek Ong Kar Sat Gurprasaad. A journey once started needs to go full circle.

Life can be seen as a kriya to end karma. The Soul is on a journey, a learning journey.

Knowing the numbers can help guide your Soul on its journey through time and space.

The numbers 1 to 9 are aspects of your consciousness. They correspond to the 1st through 9th Spiritual Bodies known from Kundalini Yoga. Learning the language of the numbers can open up these aspects of your consciousness.

The specific numbers of your date of birth can give you clues to the lessons that your Soul volunteered for in this lifetime. The numbers can help you zoom out and see the bigger picture of what’s going on in your life. Help you find the treasure in the mud of your past, drop what you don’t need anymore, liberate your Self from repetitive patterns… Transform karma to dharma.

Learn to calculate your five numbers based on your date of birth.

Learn about the qualities of the 9 numbers, karmic as well as dharmic.

Let the magic of numbers awaken dormant qualities in you and guide you on your journey to unfold your potential, towards the best version of you – a 10-in-1 Radiant Being.

Ekjotee Kaur is a student of Shiv Charan Singh who developed the spiritual science of Karam Kriya, applied numerology, also called “the healing conversation”. Karam Kriya takes for its reference the Ten Spiritual Bodies, the Mul Mantra, and the lives of the ten Sikh Gurus.

By: Ekjotee Kaur

Language: English

Did you try out all kind of diets and had yoyo-effect or another addictive behaviour as a result?

This workshop will teach you how to breath consciously and conquer addictive behaviour.

The key-word is " balance" in the area of the pituitary gland. By using breath and physical work, meditation and chanting you will learn techniques for self-love, self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Happiness is your birthright...

Try it out!

By: Livjot Kaur

Language: English

Where to start self-care?

Who is that person leading my life?

When do I start being I?

Why is my love better for others than me?

What my body, soul and mind are leading me?

In this workshop we will listen to our inner wisdom’s answers on how to embrace life to our own dimension.

The rhythm of our body, the stretching of our mind, the light of our soul through the practise of Kundalini Yoga.

Siri Sant Kaur is a level one and two teacher. She has been practising for the last 20 years mostly in a very practical way. Raising two kids, running a business, embracing cancer and now being the CEO of 3HO Europe. She is originally from France and has lived abroad and throughout Europe all of her adult life. Her passion is the Sangat at large, the group spirit and the oneness of it.

By: Siri Sant Kaur

Language: English

The purpose of my workshop is to help people to release their creativity through their  body and to flow freely and gracefully in the life.

They will increase their vitality, their self confidence and their happiness.

Thanks to their motion on the sound of Music, and thanks to their voice in singing mantra.

I will guide them , they will practice coherent exercises with flowing or static postures. I will propose  also different celestial communication. People will learn to use their body, their voice, and synchronise their respiration, they will be aware of their infinite potential. They will release and liberate themselves from locking , or shyness approach they have from former patterns.  They will bring out their grace and their creativity.

The specifics angle of my workshop is to free up a flow of creativity with music and sounds, and provide a well being feeling , thanks to the synchronisation of movement, they will clear their inner power and life force energy. 

By: Arjan Livprem K

Language: English

Let’s vibrate change in this class/workshop. Let’s vibrate this huge portal of the year 2021 to enhance the energies linked to number 5.

This year 5 holds a strong vibrational frequency of freedom-seeking, rebellion, adaptability, pioneering, innovation, adventure, independence, and most of all: change . One that signifies that inevitable change is always upon us… and it is best to be flexible in nature.

The power to be as adaptable as the number five is within us all.

The kriya will be specific to the 5th body, which is the physical body. The temple through which we can give birth to a new consciousness and embody the new values. The body then becomes the teacher, the guru.

The kriya will be followed by a meditation on the five elements and pranic energy.

By: Jaap Sita Kaur

Language: EN

Let’s become people of powerful intuition for the Aquarian Age!

As humanity has just entered the Aquarian Age, it is an opportunity for us to become the better version of ourselves, the man or the woman we always dreamed of being. Becoming the New You Workshop gives the opportunity to remove phobias and fears and delve safely into our true nature as a creative and powerful person.

We will begin the experience with a meditation for personal awareness and guidance, followed by a special kriya under the Mangala Charan song to awaken your intuitive projection. To end, we will sing the Poota Mata Ki Asees Shabad, which is a song of blessings to realize our destiny.

The experience will allow you to rewrite our past and carve out a clear pathway to happiness, balance and clarity.

By: Kirtan Rajdeep Singh

Language: EN / FR

‘The world doesn’t need stronger or more intelligent people, it needs more conscious people.’

The objective of my workshop is to explore 4 aspects of breathwork that are easy to integrate to our daily lives and to give participants the opportunity to experience their benefits.

These four aspects are:

  • Breath awareness and conscious breathing

  • The importance of nasal breathing

  • The mechanisms behind coherent breathing

  • The meaning of the pauses


By the end of this workshop, you will have practiced 4 breathing techniques (Breath awareness, Brahmari, Coherent breathing and Box breathing and how, depending on our intention, they can affect us on different dimensions: physical, emotional and spiritual. By focusing on the latter, we can use breathwork as the fastest, most efficient way to connect to the Oneness we are all part of.

‘Of all the positive changes a person can operate, learning to master the breath is probably the most efficient way to develop a higher level of consciousness and improve health, increase vitality and the feeling to be connected to our own life.’ (The Aquarian Teacher, Yogi Bhajan)

By: Siri Amandev Kaur

Language: English / French

This is a workshop for women or anyone who is interested in the power of the radiant woman. By universal law woman is the nucleus of this universe, the source of beginning and the container for what wants to be birthed on this planet. But for a long time the power of women has been misunderstood, neglected and at times even abused. This has had a profound effect on how we as women see and treat ourselves. And it is of vital importance to restore the balance between the feminine and masculine energies. As woman we hold the creative principle of this universe, but only if we are willing to hold ourselves fully and completely in the light of nobility, strength and grace will we be able to live as radiant women.


We don’t need make up, we are already made up.

But can we love our selves as we are?

Can we relax in the knowledge of our power?

Can we live our truth and essence in everything we do? 

In this workshop we will dive deep in the yogic teachings of the holy ma. Set yourselves up for a powerful talk and a transformational yoga practice which will bring you to a deep experience of your holy womanhood. 

By: Lauren Grusenmeyer

Language: English

This divine alchemy will entrain the body, mind and Higher Self into deep meditation and a healing Soul Sound journey with the Gongs.

Participants will benefit from the frequencies of various Gongs that are designed to connect, transform, heal and rejuvenate our physical and emotional bodies thereby providing a gateway to an optimal state of wellbeing. The gongs also support our prana - our vital force through increased blood and lymph activity.

A Soul Sound Gong Immersion is a unique combination of yoga techniques and sound therapy in which the healing sounds of the gongs bathe and message the participants with sustained waves of sound. During a Gong Immersion participants typically experience a deep sense of connection, quietening of mental chatter, deep meditative space allowing for a sense of expanded awareness, higher consciousness and healing. Other common experiences are physical unwinding - letting go, mental clarity, emotional release and pain relief. 

Each experience is individual. 

By Nav Jiwan Kaur / Fiona Crosssley

Language: English

Experience yourself beyond the self-limiting patterns. Understand what it means to be authentic so you can align your life with God’s Will. This is the process of moving from the coarse to the subtle to experience the subtlest vibration, the Ultimate Truth: Ek Ong Kar Satnam


Amarjit Singh has renounced the householder’s life and travels throughout India living in ashrams, monasteries, and caves. He spends a big part of the year in meditation retreats. Amarjit is a writer, podcaster, Kundalini Yoga instructor, and transformational coach helping people realize their potential. He uses Scientific Hand Analysis to get to the core of a person’s being, Transformational Coaching, based on the principles of yoga psychology, for the encouragement and guidance to live their potential, and Kundalini Yoga Therapy, for the physical and mental attitude to put it into action.


Amarjit shares his understanding of yoga psychology on his weekly podcast – The Story of Me with Amarjit Singh.

By Amarjit Singh

Language: English

Harimandir (concert)

Mantras as a ‘place to go to’. A trustworthy source to reconnect and reload, in order to be
ready for the challenges of daily life: that is the loving attitude the Harimandir band has
connecting to chanting, meditating and practicing together.

At the core we are real family-orientated people, living near Bruges, Belgium. Taking care of
(our) children, animals, nature and people as a main activity is what we have in common.
We love coming together to play music. Sharing the love for the divine, with all people.
Bringing in light, happiness, unity and love. It has been a great journey. And we are
honoured to share our music with the world.

The soul family is built around singer and harmonium player Lieselot Harmanderpal Kaur.
Her husband Mario Nunes dos Santos brings the steady drums. Maarten Merveille plays the
guitar. The threesome is often accompanied by other family or friends. Isn’t playing and
singing together the greatest fun ;-)

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