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When I did my first workshop with Ajeet Kaur, I was immediately in love with Kundalini Yoga and started my Kundalini Yoga Teachertraining without hesitating. For me it's really the DIAMOND of all Yogaforms. I've been through amazing transformations and I can share from my heart that's so so worthly to live in deep connection with your SAT NAM (your Inner Truth). To shine bright as a diamond and to keep your vibration high...I love sharing this with the world. So we can all sing our own song and make it a better place to live in with UNCONDITIONAL JOY, LOVE & FREEDOM.
I also love to create and share CELESTIAL COMMUNICATIONS.
I give theme workshops, group lessons and private lessons.
Please feel free to contact me.
Looking forward to meet you - MAGIC will happen!

Taran Nidhaan Kaur/Joke Aerts

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