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Kundalini Yoga to prepare the mind, body and soul to cope with the challenges, joys and hardships of everyday life – work – relationships and even illness. Much of our inner conflict and dis-ease comes from regrets of the past and anticipation and fears of the future. Our classes are a powerful alchemy of breathing (pranayama), movement, mantra and meditation that invokes self-healing and relaxation. Anyone who can breathe can practice this style of yoga…. with an open mind.
Soul Sound Yoga Students are both male and female, many are healthy or seeking for better mental and physical health. Some are suffering major life challenges - physically and mentally. Some have recognized that major changes are needed in their lives in terms of career, relationships etc.
Complementary to regular yoga classes, Fiona is a Gong Master and Sound Therapist using the frequencies and harmonizing capacity of Gongs for deep relaxation, subconscious releasing and healing.

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