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Welcome to the site of the Belgian Kundalini Yoga community !

General Meeting BKYF 3 Apr 2016


Belgian Kundalini Yoga teachers reaching out FOR each other,  TO each other at the General Meeting 3 April 2016.

Ready to walk the same path of service, support and purity in a heart-centered community.

BKYF General meeting 3 April 2016 feet












22 May     Ajeet Kaur is in Belgium ! 

Concert & Workshop in LIER    details workshop


22 - 24 Jul    Simran Kaur Summer Concert & Workshops 

If you are keen to learn more about postures ... more info


30 Jul - 5 Aug - 2016 European Yoga Festival in France

Info in flyer - or on web-site


8 Oct        Snatam Kaur in Concert in Cirque Royal in Brussels 

more info on our events page


If you are new to Kundalini Yoga do not hesitate to contact one of our teachers in your area, they will be more than happy to help you.


We hope you find the info you are looking for. If not, let us know on

Click here to see the sadhana (early morning yoga) planning at different locations.


May the long time sun shine upon you,


The Uni team - Belgian Federation Kundalini Yoga

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